Pasar Tamu ~

i can’t even believe myself that it took me three years before my 1st ever shopping time at Satok’s Pasar Tamu in Kuching. don’t get me wrong. i went there countless times but i always drop by just to buy ‘ikan terubuk’ for friends and family. but this morning (which myself and linda had been planning for ages.haha..) we actually went there for shopping. huarghh. what a joy…! 😀

i just love pasar tamu. i notice that there are similarities between pasar tamu in kota kinabalu and here in kuching.  it have a different environment than morning markets in kuala lumpur. here the pasar tamu spreads on and between the alleys of satok’s shop lots. definitely we can  find fresh fruits and vegetables (the best ones that can be found in kuching)  and wet market where one can buy terubuk. besides that, i love that there is a section that sells small plants and flowers. we can even find cute and adorable pets..!! 🙂

i am very happy that i found what i want. i bought SESAR UNJUR (smoked shrimp) for mak and insyaAllah they will safely reach home this coming weekend. i hope mak will like this sarawak delicacy. although they are expensive but anything will do for my beloved mak :). i bought few types of fruits for myself and also a pot of yellow chrysanthemum. 🙂

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