Carole King : Beautiful

You’ve got to get up every morning With a smile in your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
The people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes you will
That you’re beatiful as you feel

Waiting at the station with a workday wind a-blowing
I’ve got nothing to do but watch the passers-by
Mirrored in their faces I see frustration growing
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Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park (Day One)

i just couldn’t miss out the fun. i joined my fellow colleagues and their family for some time out at  sinar serapi eco theme park. it is the perfect two days event because yesterday was a public holiday for sarawak. i am glad that syikin came along or i will be the only bachelorette in the crowd. 😉


it was a ten cars convoy from the family quarters at 10th mile, kuching to our destination in matang. i thought it would be at least a one and a half hour drive but surprisingly it was only about 30 minutes drive from kuching airport.  we arrived aroud 10.30 am and i just love the close up view of mount serapi. 😀

the convoy

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A Wish For You

today is 23rd april 2011. 23 years ago one of my two dear brothers was born and today he is celebrating his 23rd year of living life. i wish i could cross the sea and personally wish him happy birthday. i am very sorry for doing so through facebook and text message and a simple telephone call.

i always want the best for my loved ones. i only have two brothers that i will cherish for all my life. i pray that Allah is guiding them and will not stop doing so and may they stay true to their religion. may they both grow up to be good men and have the strength to live life to the fullest. may they become human being that benefit mankind in any way they could. may they always have love in their heart for family and friends.

lots and lots of love ~ 🙂

My Little Chrysanthemum

i have a little pot of chrysanthemum tree. i never take gardening seriously before this. the little plant were growing beautiful yellow flowers when i decided to buy it. i asked the lady at satok market how to take care of it. i never knew that the best fertilizer for plants are water from fish aquarium or the excess water from washing rice (and now i do know.huhu.. 😉 ).

chrysanthemum plant can be kept indoor but the plant need to get enough light (sunlight or from room light) at least 6 to 8 hours every day. i need to water the plant everyday and give it some fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. i am positive that i was having this big smile on my face when i place the plant by my window room (linda was not very convinced that i can take good care of it.ahaha..) . 😀

my little healthy plant

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Oshima Sushi

i got back to my room just in time for  JJCM on tv3. as usual, JJCM highlighted several local restaurants including about this halal japanese restaurant. i am madly in love with japanese food (sushi,tempura,tempanyaki,etc) …..!!! 😀

i wish i will get the chance to dine at one of the outlet soon. from its website, they have few outlets around shah alam, selangor. personally i am very happy to know that there are muslim people selling halal japanese food out there. oh dear, just can’t wait…!! 😉