Erti Disebalik Kesetiaan

Ramai insan yang masih lagi tidak faham akan apakah erti kesetiaan dalam sebuah perhubungan. Ramai yang bertanya mengapa kita perlu setia, sedangkan belum tentu kekasih kita itu menjadi pasangan hidup kita? Disebabkan persoalan inilah kecurangan sering berlaku di masa kini, sehingga ramai antara insan di muka bumi ini dilanda kekecewaan dan ada yang menyedihkan sehingga sanggup membunuh diri apabila ditinggalkan.

Kesetiaan dalam perhubungan adalah sangat penting, ini adalah kerana kita telah mengambil amanat dan tanggungjwab daripada pasangan kita itu untuk menjadikan dirinya hanya satu dihati kita sewaktu kita mengambilnya sebagai kekasih. Alangkah sedihnya apabila tanggugjawab atau amanat yang seharusnya kita jaga itu, tidak kita tunaikannya…? Tidakkah ia sama dengan penipuan…? Jangan taburkan janji jika kita tidak mampu untuk tepati dan jangan mengata cinta kalau kita tidak mampu untuk memberikannya sepenuh hati… Continue reading

-22 to D day

30 Dec 2011

today is the last working day of the year. the next working day will be in year 2012. gosh. i don’t realize that we are coming to the end of 2011.

today i completed the payments that my office have to pay and in the evening i used my time cleaning up my office. it’s been a while since i cleaned my office. i just sorting things out to welcome the new year. may new year comes with high spirit to excel in life and work. insyaAllah.. 🙂

he’s busy as the event manager for tonight’s event at his place. i wish him all the best and may everything turned out as planned. as for myself, i just filled my time updating this beloved blog. i just came back from watching the final of maharaja lawak mega. it was great. i was hoping that boboi wins but osbon snatched the 1st prize. but they are just as hilarious.. 🙂

everything went well for the day. but in the end i couldn’t get myself to sleep tonight.i hate this….

-23 to D day

29 Dec 2011

today i went to jais to submit my marriage application. alhamdulillah. everything goes well for now. after that i went to koperasi tentera to increase my saving. the best to do when we have extra money is to save it for the future. i also went to apply for asb loan with maybank. i’ve been thinking about this and i hope investing for the future will give us benefits in the near future. may Allah ease our management, insyaAllah..

-24 to D day

28 Dec 20111

today is my first working day after my leave. there is so much to do. i was giving all my might to finish approving all the claims. alhamdulillah, by 1 am i managed to check every claim. i was lucky that everyone was in hq tonight to settle opsyen for sbpa. at least i was not alone doing my work. i was not happy that i couldn’t find the time to help with the opsyen, but i salute my fellow colleagues and subordinates that struggled to meet the given date line. huuu. exhausted… 😦

-25 to D day

27 Dec 2011

the both of us were scheduled to fly back to sarawak today. his flight back to sibu was in the afternoon and my flight back to kuching was in the evening. our hope is that the few weeks that we have will be used to do our last minute preparation. may everything be alright until the day we meet again insyaAllah..

today’s highlights:

– my dear did his final packing up and he managed to settle one of our important checklist. he was stucked there for a while and then he rushed to pick me up. we both immediately rushed to the lcct airport.

– we arrived at the airport just in time. after i took over the driver’s seat i realized that the car’s temperature is more than high. i immediately pulled over in front of the airport and called mak and salam. i told my dear and i was lucky that his flight was 40 minutes later that we expected. he looked at the car and then accompanied me until the last few minutes. he was off to sibu while i waited for salam to arrived. salam had a good look at he engine and decided that we have to send the car to the workshop immedietely.

– we drove slowly to bangi and left the car at the mechanic’s hands for an hour. we went for a late lunch at mcdonald and i went back home after the car was ready.

– alhamdulillah. i got just enough time to pack up the importants and salam sent me back to the same airport. i arrived in kuching around 10 pm and had cantonese hor fun at after 7 before went back to my room. thank you linda for picking me up at the airport and had supper with me. i do missed her very much… 🙂



1 c. unflavored yogurt
1 med. frozen banana or use fresh banana
2 ice cubes
1 tbsp. honey
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Other frozen fruits such as peaches or strawberries can be added or substituted. Blend until thick in covered blender.

-26 to D day

26 Dec 2011

today’s highlights:

– we went window shopping at SSF in jalan TAR for the decorations for our wedding. my future mother in-law and my future kak long were busy finding ideas for our hantaran. 🙂

– we went back to kajang for a while. he was so exhausted and slept away. after mak ayah departed for lumut, we were on the road again. the next time i’ll be seeing my parents will be during my leave for the wedding. insyaAllah. may everything goes well…

– we went to putrajaya to ask for a favor from one of his senior officers as. for myself today i make a new friendship with a good man and his whole family. alhamdulillah.. 🙂

– we had supper with salam at red wok in bangi before he drove back to his home. i love the crispy butter squid and keuy teow cantonese.yumm yuummmmm…!! 🙂


-27 to D day

25 Dec 2011

today is my future mother in-law’s birthday. we pray the best for her. may she’ll be in the pink of health and always happy with life. we had decided the best gift for her mother and also a belated birthday gift for my mother and so today we went to KLCC to shop for a gift for both our mothers. 🙂