-11 to D day

10 Jan 2012

nothing interesting happened today because my two dear colleagues are not with me the whole day. isk.. 😦

this evening the ladss @ kuching had our little cooking session. tom yam and black pepper chicken..!! πŸ™‚


-12 to D day

09 Jan 2012

today is monday. i only need to bare with this few days before i start my long holiday. huhuu…. πŸ™‚

my day was normal as usual even though lately it is very difficult for me to focus on work. i keep being distracted and worry more about our wedding preparation. may everything is according to plan. 😦

this evening i settled my solemnization door gift. they turned out beautifully blue. i am very happy with the outcome. alhamdulillah and i am very excited to take them back home… πŸ™‚

-14 to D day

07 Jan 2012

what a saturday. a day touring sarawak with linda. we woke up early in the morning and ready for the day… πŸ™‚

our first and the most important stop of the day is sibu. hehe.. πŸ™‚ my dear picked us up at the airport and we had breakfast together. then he drove us all the way to sibu town for sightseeing. before he send us back to the aiport he took us to a watch shop. i’ve been there the first time i was in sibu but this is my first time to the shop with him.. πŸ™‚

we spent hours at sibu airport and then we were on the air again. we spent the evening flying to limbang and then we had some rest in miri before we go back to kuching. even though we only got the chance to see limbang airport and miri airport, we are still very happy. huhuu..

alhamdulillah we are back in kuching. travelling is exhausting. thank you so much my dear for spending the morning with us. sorry for any trouble caused. i’m very happy that my dear and linda finally met each other. i enjoyed the short time with him and the whole day with linda. today is linda’s one year anniversary working in kuching and knowing this sweety pay. hehe. and most importantly, my gratitude to the pilots of the day for making today worth while and very tiring.huhuu… πŸ™‚

what a great day. and we both came back to kuching with something beautiful for us to keep. thank you dear…!! πŸ™‚

-15 to D day

06 Jan 2012

another friday and it’s a working day as usual. i am in a very good mood knowing that my holiday has been approved. alhamdulillah.. πŸ™‚

this evening the ladies were busy doing a small bbq at our place. rain could not deter our plan. huhuu…

p/s: me and linda can’t wait for saturday. yeay..!! πŸ˜‰

-16 to D day

05 Jan 2012

today is the last day to settle all the payment for the year 2011. although there were few problems but i think overall we have done a very good job. with the end of today means that all work for the year 2011 is now officially completed.yeay…!! πŸ™‚

i am blessed with good and hardworking staffs and i hope they will continue their performance. may everyone excel in the new year and years to come. insyaAllah… πŸ™‚


-17 to D day

04 Jan 2012

today everything seems so dull. both linda and i is having the same problem. this is very weird. why on earth are we very low in working spirit right now..?? haiihh…

tomorrow will be the last day for payment 2011. i hope everything will be ok. i hope there won’t be any unwanted complication what so ever…


-18 to D day

03 Jan 2012

today is the first working day of 2012. let’s embrace the new year..!! πŸ™‚

as i posted in my fb:

“tahun baru.azam baru.hidup baru.semangat kerja baru.gaji baru.sume-sume pun baru lahh… ;)”

linda and i had been fastinfg the whole day. alhamdulillah. and so this evenig we decided to break our fast at goong restaurant in satok and asked mem zeehan and family to join us. thank you so much to sir king for the feast. may Allah’s continue to blessed your life and family.. πŸ™‚



-19 to D day

02 Jan 2012

i spent the day tidying up my room. i couldn’t stop imagining the day i can finally pack up everything and be back in my hometown. my dear is already planning his posting out checklist. we are both so grateful that his wish finally came true. right now it’s the other way around. he is now the one starting to pack up while i am still waiting for my posting order. dear Allah please let it be soon…

he is on duty today. i wish him a very good duty day. πŸ™‚

as for myself, i just want to lay on my bed and read my current novel. my dear told me that i should finish reading that novel by now. hehe… πŸ˜‰

-20 to D day

01 Jan 2012

happy new year 2012…!!

today is all about me and linda and nobody else. i granted her wish to see santubong before i post out from kuching. thus, we were out a bit later in the morning and stopped at pelita restaurant for brunch. i had roti sardin and all fueled up. πŸ˜‰ linda drove all the way to santubong and i was the awesome tourist guide.huhu. we went to pantai puteri and played at the beach. then we checked out the few hotels in santubong and to my surprise, damai central is now open for business. it is great that now we will have somewhere to hang out when we go to santubong because most of the beaches are private and belongs to the hotels and resorts. πŸ™‚

on our way back we did some shopping at giant tabuan jaya and i had sugar bun’s asam pedas for the first time. it was not bad. i love that they fried the fish and just put it in the gravy at serving time. yumiiee..

later in the evening we went for karaoke at pop wave batu 3. it’s been a while since the last time we had karaoke together. we sang out heart out until we couldn’t sing anymore. we did one mistake today that is having a very heavy supper at airport’s mcdonald. it was so heavy that i couldn’t remember when i doze off.huu…