1 c. unflavored yogurt
1 med. frozen banana or use fresh banana
2 ice cubes
1 tbsp. honey
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Other frozen fruits such as peaches or strawberries can be added or substituted. Blend until thick in covered blender.


theobroma chocolate lounge..

stuck in LCCT again. arghh. well. this is a good reason to try out the new chocolate shop right here in LCCT. THEOBRAMA CHOCOLATE LOUNGE is the name and chocolate are their game. yummy…!!

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with a mug of thick dark chocolate and my lappy, i can indulge myself for hours at this lounge… 😉

Oshima Sushi

i got back to my room just in time for  JJCM on tv3. as usual, JJCM highlighted several local restaurants including about this halal japanese restaurant. i am madly in love with japanese food (sushi,tempura,tempanyaki,etc) …..!!! 😀

i wish i will get the chance to dine at one of the outlet soon. from its website, they have few outlets around shah alam, selangor. personally i am very happy to know that there are muslim people selling halal japanese food out there. oh dear, just can’t wait…!! 😉

Banana Love

i always hunt for the best banana stall every time i go to satok market. working around the clock and running around here and there had made this fruit my favourite. i had found the best stall that sells fresh bananas there. i just bought some last night and had eaten more than half of them. can’t wait for next weekend for another visit to the market 😉 Continue reading

Sesar Unjur

Sesar Unjur is another sarawak delicacy that i find very unique and must be very delicious. i bought my 1st sesar unjur at satok’s pasar tamu. can’t wait to let mak taste and comment about it ;).

The Making of Sesar Unjur (Smoked Shrimp) :

sesar unjur

Belawai’s smoked shrimp is considered to be the most “authentic” because it is made purely from special shrimp called red shrimp and instead of roasting method, the shrimp will be Continue reading

Pasar Tamu ~

i can’t even believe myself that it took me three years before my 1st ever shopping time at Satok’s Pasar Tamu in Kuching. don’t get me wrong. i went there countless times but i always drop by just to buy ‘ikan terubuk’ for friends and family. but this morning (which myself and linda had been planning for ages.haha..) we actually went there for shopping. huarghh. what a joy…! 😀 Continue reading