-46 to D day

6 Dec 2011

i’m back in the office and so many work to be done. papers to sign and claims to pay. the day seems to pass by too quickly even though i’m fasting today. it has been a tiring day indeed.

i could not think much about our wedding today with so many work piling up my desk. i checked with our wedding card shop about some our things but they have some problems and we need to wait a bit more. 😦

this evening i got a date with my two gals. 🙂 we went out to The Spring for break fast (alhamdulillah. thankful to Allah for letting me finish my fast for 10 muharam 🙂 ) and Ombak Rindu.

Ombak Rindu is a good movie with Aaron Aziz crying so many times.huhu. 😉 and the song. i just so in love with one of their song ‘Ombak Rindu by Adira and Hafiz’…

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I do it anyway..


we will never know what the future holds for us. life thought me about that a lot. there were times when i gave my all for something so important but end up losing everything. there were times when i strive hard to make dreams come true but they are still unreachable dreams. so many times i just couldn’t catch up with the world. there were times when i gave my heart out but was hurt instead. all this while i tried my best in what i thought was right even when some of them were clearly not.

life is a journey and a journey have no ending. so many times i stumble and fall but Allah always know the best for me. i’m blessed with the great things that happened in my life and i tried to convince myself that all the bad things that came across me are meant to make me stronger.

life is tough and i’m surrounded with love and hatred. i will never know if what i do now will do good to me in the future. i just think that the best is to do everything with sincerity and always have faith. always believing that everything happens for a reason keeps me stronger. may faith be kind. may He always be with me.

God is great but sometimes life aint good
And when I pray
It doesn’t always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway

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