found him..

i know he still struggles to accept the chaos i simply am and may Allah bless his heart with unconditional love.

i’m more than thankful to admit that i finally found him ❤~


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tentang kita..

assalamualaikum.good morning..

i was just going through my photos and i opened up this one. a few weeks ago we were choosing the right doa and although we did not choose this one for our invitation card, this piece of beautiful lines was the only one that touches my heart and thus i snap it for my own safe keeping. i hope it will keep reminding me that i am just an ordinary human being. i am imperfect in so many ways. we both are. and it is good to know that we both realize that more than anyone else.

mencari si dia @ mencari diri sendiri

as we go on this journey of life, may we keep changing for the better. insyaAllah…

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