Genting Highlands : Fun In The Clouds

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i had a great time in genting highlands the other day. it had been years since my last visit to this theme park. i never really enjoyed being there and i am not pleased to see the roller coasters. i never ride any of the roller coasters since my terrifying childhood experience that had made me hate them very much. however, this time it was different. i was given the strength to actually go for it. i never thought i would eventually go on those monsters. well. i had a great time. now i am wishing for another great fun in the clouds.. 🙂


Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park (Day One)

i just couldn’t miss out the fun. i joined my fellow colleagues and their family for some time out at  sinar serapi eco theme park. it is the perfect two days event because yesterday was a public holiday for sarawak. i am glad that syikin came along or i will be the only bachelorette in the crowd. 😉


it was a ten cars convoy from the family quarters at 10th mile, kuching to our destination in matang. i thought it would be at least a one and a half hour drive but surprisingly it was only about 30 minutes drive from kuching airport.  we arrived aroud 10.30 am and i just love the close up view of mount serapi. 😀

the convoy

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Matang Wildlife Centre

this morning i accompanied my colleagues to matang wildlife centre. this is my second visit to the centre and i am very happy that the centre have completed many of its improvement projects. on my first visit with zana, we didn’t get the chance to view most of the orang utans and the sun bear because many sections was under construction. Continue reading

Twelve Hours On The Road

yesterday was a blast. from langkawi to lumut to kuala lumpur. half of the day was devoted on the road. i specifically devoted all my focus and strength to the manual car that had been our mean of movement for the day.

waking up that morning was a bit of a chaos as both of us (me and my travelling buddy – mwaahh..!!) trying to get ready as fast as we can. we checked out and steal some time for breakfast. we load up our nissan sentra (the five of us chipped in and rent it for rm100 per day) and did our last shopping on the island. after taking our last photo together, we rush to the jetty and managed to get the 11.30 am ferry to kuala perlis. all i have in mind is my mother’s perodua kelisa that was waiting patiently at the mainland. Continue reading

Pasar Tamu ~

i can’t even believe myself that it took me three years before my 1st ever shopping time at Satok’s Pasar Tamu in Kuching. don’t get me wrong. i went there countless times but i always drop by just to buy ‘ikan terubuk’ for friends and family. but this morning (which myself and linda had been planning for ages.haha..) we actually went there for shopping. huarghh. what a joy…! 😀 Continue reading

diving at kota kinabalu

kota kinabalu + one day diving at gaya island

accommodation: lavender lodge

check in: 26th nov 201

check out: 29 nov 2010

stay period: 3 nights

one day diving: 3 dives (45 minutes per dive)

package (one day diving + accommodation) : rm485

dine out (rm50 x 3 days) : rm 150


total $$$ : rm 635

bahasa melayu sarawak

today i searched the internet about bahasa melayu sarawak. living in kuching for almost three years and yet there are so much to learn about their language. let see…

nama kamek sakeenah. kamek kinektok jauh dari keluarga kamek. sidaknya diam nun di seberang laut di selangor dan kamek molah di kuching tok. tau sik kenak kamek di sitok. Continue reading


one nature of my profession is the need to travel from time to time. one reason is when we need to be posted to a new work place. another reason is when we have to attend meetings and courses outside our work place. for now i am currently working in another land far away from home. the method of transport to get myself home is either by air plane or across the sea by ship. thus i am stuck on this land doing my work and waiting for every chance that comes my way to go back home. Continue reading