LTAT : pencarum sukarela

Apa itu LTAT?

  • Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera atau singkatannya LTAT ialah sebuah badan berkanun kerajaan yang telah ditubuhkan melalui akta parlimen, Akta 101, 1973 bagi mengadakan faedah-faedah persaraan dan faedah-faedah lain kepada anggota lain-lain pangkat dan satu skim simpanan kepada pegawai-pegawai Angkatan Tentera Malaysia dan Anggota Kerahan Angkatan Sukarela.

Siapakah pencarum sukarela?

  • – Pegawai-pegawai Tetap Angkatan Tentera Malaysia termasuk Anggota LLP yang ditauliahkan.
    – Anggota Kerahan Sepenuh Masa (AKAS).
    – Kadar caruman minimum RM 25.00 dengan gandaan RM 5.00 sehingga maksimum RM 750.00 sebulan.
    – Tiada sumbangan Kerajaan.
    – Keahlian adalah secara memohon kepada LTAT. Continue reading

new organizer..

something is missing right now. as i am trying to figure out what i should be doing on this first working day of 2012 i suddenly was laughing by myself. i just realized that i can now buy myself a new organizer for the the new year. i seems like i bought a new organizer for 2011 only a few weeks ago.huhu.. 🙂


when things get tough..

assalamualaikum and may Allah bless this day..

we wake up every morning expecting the new day to be a good one. sometimes it is true. the hours passes by and every task given is completed without any complication. but there are always times when nothing goes as planned, tasks keep piling up and the day can be concluded as hours of chaos. and thus we go to sleep late at night thinking of the next day. sigh..

life is all about that. about each day that comes and how we embrace them. welcomes each day with a smile. be thankful for another peaceful day. be grateful for another tough one for they teaches us another valuable lesson.

i can sense that today will drain all the energy out of me. smiling away… 🙂

p/s: just love the inspirational quotes from 😉


Lost And Found

i was worrying through out yesterday when the most important object needed for work gone missing. i can’t believe i misplace it for yet another time (i can be very careless sometimes). huhhh. i remembered that there was one time when  i was de-clustering my handbag. the problem is that i couldn’t remember WHERE and WHEN. i was praying hard that i am not clumsy enough to leave it either in Lumut, Langkawi Island or Kota Kinabalu (i did a lot of travelling lately).oh please Lord….!!! Continue reading

Hari Ulang Tahun Tentera Darat Malaysia ke 78

1 march is a very important day for me and my fellow malaysian army. we celebrate this date every year in the remembrance of the initial recruitment of 25 males for the First Experimental Malay Company on 1 March 1933. the starting day of what the organisation is today.

the organisation had gone through many challenges and changes in the past 78 years. it is crucial that the organisation play it’s role to defend the country from any harm. may malaysian army continue to strengthen itself in order to ensure that the responsibility to keep the peace and harmony of the country can be carried out until the end of time. Continue reading


assalamualaikum wbt and good evening.

what a beautiful rainy evening. beautiful indeed… 🙂

i can’t believe that it’s already friday again. it had been a very busy week and by the end of the week days (i mean today..! :P) i am grateful that almost everything is done according to plan. allowances day for the month is done and we are currently processing the payment for claims. i am also glad that we already had the Continue reading

A Thai Dinner

me and some of my colleagues had a dinner at a thai restaurant in padungan, kuching. there we about 10 of us and we had too much.haha. 🙂

this is also the time for us to get together before two of our colleagues goes for a few months long course. may we meet again soon..!! 😀

p/s: colleagues been posted in and out but i am still here…