Pasar Tamu ~

i can’t even believe myself that it took me three years before my 1st ever shopping time at Satok’s Pasar Tamu in Kuching. don’t get me wrong. i went there countless times but i always drop by just to buy ‘ikan terubuk’ for friends and family. but this morning (which myself and linda had been planning for ages.haha..) we actually went there for shopping. huarghh. what a joy…! 😀 Continue reading

Admin Club Dinner @ Chicken Hartz Kuching

2010 was a hectic year for all of us working under the same roof as our big boss. no one have the time to think. it was all about work and nothing else. although work is our main concern for the year, we do know that we need  to have some time out together.

we had a simple dinner function at chicken hartz in kuching this evening. just a simple dinner with colleagues and subordinates and time to celebrate our staffs and families.


bahasa melayu sarawak

today i searched the internet about bahasa melayu sarawak. living in kuching for almost three years and yet there are so much to learn about their language. let see…

nama kamek sakeenah. kamek kinektok jauh dari keluarga kamek. sidaknya diam nun di seberang laut di selangor dan kamek molah di kuching tok. tau sik kenak kamek di sitok. Continue reading