Demi Lovato : Skyscraper

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper


Darjat seorang isteri..

Darjat seorang isteri.

1. Isteri Siddiqin
Isteri yang tidak akan meminta apa-apa dari suaminya sekalipun yang perlu (dharuri). Apa yang disediakan suaminya, dia terima dengan penuh malu dan bersyukur. Kalau ada, adalah. Kalau tidak ada, dia bersabar. Tapi meminta tidak. Apatah lagi yang tidak perlu, kalau diberi pun dia tolak bahkan adakalanya yang perlu pun dia tolak dengan baik, dia lebih suka menolong suaminya. Itulah golongan yang bersifat orang yang Siddiqin. Golongan ini payah hendak dicari terutama di akhir zaman ini, macam hendak mencari belerang merah atau gagak putih. Ini adalah perempuan luar biasa.
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found him..

i know he still struggles to accept the chaos i simply am and may Allah bless his heart with unconditional love.

i’m more than thankful to admit that i finally found him ❤~


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my running shoes..

assalamualaikum and good morning..

alhamdulillah. i finished my morning jogging. thanks so much to my loyal running shoes. i just love them. i love them so much that sometimes i think that they are the reason i force myself to work out. for over a year they’ve been serving me and they did their best being the ultimate multi-purpose shoes. i used them for all type of sports and i even used them when i’m traveling. frankly speaking i’m too fussy when it comes to choosing a new pair of shoes but i guess we are meant to be as i bought this one at half price and have been with me until this very day. it’s a simple white pair with a bit of blue here and there (forgive me but i’m crazy for blue color). they’ve done a very good job helping me through out the year.  it’s been a wonderful year and i hope we’ll be together for at least another great sweaty year. 😉

counting calorie..

i get bored easily when i’m stuck at my desk from 8 to 5. there are many ways to avoid me from drowning in my own boredom. chatting with colleagues. observing my subordinates. i love food and so one of my favorite take-5 will be treating myself with snacks.huhu… 😉

i keep trying to stuff myself with healthy snacks. but i believe that satisfying my sweet tooth once in a while won’t hurt. whether it’s a fruit, a sweet candy or junk food, it’s all about how much calorie you consume. 😉

snacking @ work

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loving Adele..

adele has an awesome voice and there is so much emotion in each her her music.loving her more and more… 😉

these are her list of albums and songs that i got on adele’s website :

21 (24 January 11)

24th January UK
22nd February US/CAN

1. Rolling In The Deep
2. Rumour Has It
3. Turning Tables
4. Don’t You Remember
5. Set Fire To The Rain
6. He Won’t Go
7. Take It All
8. I’ll Be Waiting
9. One and Only
10. Love Song
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sunnah di hari jumaat

Antara amalan sunnah di hari Jumaat ialah:


Sabda baginda yang bermaksud,
“Apabila datang kepada kamu hari Jumaat, maka mandilah.” (Riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim).


Menghias diri, memakai pakaian yang baik dan memakai wangi-wangian Hari Jumaat umpama hari raya untuk minggu tersebut. Justeru, kita disunatkan menghias diri dengan kadar yang dibenarkan oleh syarak dengan memakai pakaian yang baik dan berwangi-wangian.

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w yang bermaksud:
“Sesiapa yang mandi pada hari Jumaat, memakai pakaiannya yang paling baik, memakai bauan yang ada di rumahnya, kemudian dia pergi untuk menunaikan solat Jumaat tanpa melangkah tengkuk orang lain, solat seperti mana yang telah ditetapkan untuknya, diam ketika imam keluar sehingga dia selesai menunaikan solatnya, maka semuanya itu akan menghapuskan segala dosa yang dilakukannya dalam tempoh di antara Jumaat tersebut dan Jumaat selepas itu.” (Riwayat Ibnu Hibban dan Al-Hakim)

Sekiranya kita mampu pakailah baju berwarna putih pada hari Jumaat.

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w yang bermaksud,
“Pakailah pakaian kamu yang berwarna putih. Sesungguhnya ia adalah pakaian kamu yang paling baik dan kafankanlah orang-orang yang telah meninggal dunia di kalangan kamu dengannya.” Continue reading

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haiihhh (i’m too full to think straight.for now.huu…).

when i’m under pressure and i couldn’t think of anything else better to ease my tension, my mind will start thinking about food. it doesn’t happen all the time but this time it did. right now i’m not really proud of myself for satisfying my tense mind with one full plate of super spicy fried rice. pity my stomach for having to pay for what my mind is suffering from. well. i should give my mind a second thought before making my order. i need to remind myself that food is not the answer for everything. arghh. i SHOULD NOT end up being like this again. huhu…