a fairy tale..


in this ordinary life. i live my days and i dream through my nights. i try to be happy no matter what happens. i smile and i cry. i laugh and i shed some tears from time to time. life is full of happiness and sadness. simply bittersweet.

i always have mak and ayah by my side. i have my two brothers to argue with and i love them with all my heart. i have friends and colleagues to share everything. some i trust so much. yet my heart yearns for that specific feeling. i waits for that special someone. i crave but i keep on living life.

i have a life. i have learnt so much and tired of studying. i have been working 24-7 like that is all that matter in the world. i went out and see the world. i experience and feel as much as i can. suddenly. in the middle of my own created chaos i found my fairy tale.

now. waiting for my little one growing ionside of me to come into this world. with Allah’s permission, insyaAllah…

i …

I have aims. I have ambitions. I have dreams. I hope too much. I wish. I pray. I want to reach the moon. I want to be among the stars. I want to be brighter than the sun. If only I am a super woman. Maybe then I can achieve all in this life. All for those I love dearly. For they are my heart and soul..