Learn To Blog

i always want to be a blogger but never really gave it a go. an article with the title ‘want to blog better in 2011’ had inspired me to blog better for this year. the articles highlight about the idea to blog, finding time to post and mention about visitors. well. it never kills to put high hopes on myself..!! 😉


testing windows live writer

well.i was drawn to do blogging after i came across windows live writer in my cherry red. however in order to be able to use it i need to have a blog. now that i have my own blog, it is time for me to test this software…

raya 2010 (13)

starting my own blog

it’s another chaos monday with my new dell netbook. going thru my cherry red (my dell’s nickname) i found an icon for blogging. this does excite me in a way that i want to share how i feel and think about anything not related to work. more to life and the colours of it. this is my blog and from today i’ll start blogging.cheers to authey…